Manufacturer of equipment for the plastics industry, particularly bottle blowing machinery, it had been associated with Baker Perkins prior to its acquisition in 1960. The company was acquired to form the core of a new entry into the plastics market and as such was made a subsidiary of Baker Perkins Chemical Machinery Ltd in 1962 and the company moved from Kingston-upon-Thames to the Baker Perkins Developments' factory in Twyford. In late 1965, Baker Perkins Granbull Ltd. was merged in BPCM Ltd as the plastics division of that company.

Also in 1965, Granbull introduced a sensational new product at the Interplas Exhibition– the Filapack – the result of a two-year development project. The machine was the first to produce, fill and seal a plastic bottle in one operation.

Despite this innovative approach to product development, this venture into plastic bottle blowing and filling equipment had involved the Group in sizeable losses and the affairs of the Granbull division were wound up in 1967 by disposing of its business and remaining usable inventory to Cravens Machines Ltd., Darnall, Sheffield, a wholly owned subsidiary of John Brown & Co. Ltd.

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