George Tweedy & Co. was founded in 1865 in Burnley as general engineers. The company name was later changed to Tweedy of Burnley.

When the BBRA introduced the Chorleywood Bread Process in 1961, (See History of Baker Perkins in the Bread Business - The Chorleywood Bread Process), Tweedy developed a relevant High energy vacuum mixer which, when the Process entered widespread use in 1965, became the preferred mixer for plant bakers around the world.

In 1968 Tweedy was sold to Ward Foods, USA, who also owned British Arkady.

Tweedy was also involved in the supply of flour handling systems and dough mixers for in-store bakeries, moulder-panners for plant bakers and in 1974 a vacuum cooling system with applications in the food industry mainly outside the bread sector.

In the early 1980s, Tweedy was appointed manufacturing and sales agents for Lanham Machinery Co. Inc. of Atlanta, Georgia, USA and thus came into direct competition for large plant bakery equipment with the bakery machinery division of Baker Perkins Ltd. At the same time, it became exclusive agents for a European supplier of dough make-up plant.

Lanham was acquired by APV in 1989 and Tweedy was purchased in the same year, in part to ensure access to the Lanham market outside the USA. By then, APV Baker (formerly Baker Perkins Ltd) had developed its own range of high-energy mixers.

In 1992, the Tweedy design, marketing, sales, project management and service operation at Burnley was relocated to another site in Simonstone, Burnley. In 1993 these offices were closed and the operation was absorbed into the bakery business of APV Baker at Paston, Peterborough. Some personnel relocated to Peterborough, others remained home-based at Burnley.

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