This website covers the development over the years of the
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Memories of times past

Amongst the Baker Perkins memorabilia collected since the closure of the main factory in 1992, we have been fortunate to come across a number of personal memoirs produced by key personnel in the business, reproduced in full here. These have been used as source documents when building the websites and it is hoped that the inevitable duplication does not create too much confusion.

It is important to include these three write-ups because they cover three different periods in the development of the Baker Perkins Group.

Baker Perkins Group Developments

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History of Key Businesses (To see how Baker Perkins developed its key businesses click on an icon)

The Bakery business The Biscuit business The Chocolate and Confectionery business The Chemical business The Foundry business The Laundry business The Packaging business The Printing business The Snack business

Serving the World (To see how Baker Perkins served its key markets, click on any part of the world)

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