This lists the subsidiary and associated companies that made up the Baker Perkins Group at some time in its history.

Click on the links below to access the histories of individual companies.

For information on the way in which Baker Perkins served particular industry sectors, see The History of Key Businesses.

To see how Baker Perkins developed its presence in key geographical markets, see Serving the World.

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A.M. Perkins & Son Ltd, London
Advisory And Components Services, Weybridge, Surrey
Alfred Porter & Company, Teddington
Alliance Foundry, Luton
Aublet Harry, Westfield Road, Peterborough


Baker Perkins (Export) Ltd
Baker Perkins (New Zealand) Ltd
Baker Perkins AG Zug, Switzerland
Baker Perkins Bakery BCS GmbH
Baker Perkins Bakery Ltd
Baker Perkins BCS Ltd
Baker Perkins Chemical Machinery Ltd
Baker Perkins Chemical Machinery Srl, Milan, Italy
Baker Perkins Chemische Maschinenbau GmbH, Germany
Baker Perkins de Mexico S.A.
Baker Perkins Deutschland GmbH
Baker Perkins Developments, Twyford (Packman Machinery Ltd)
Baker Perkins do Brasil Industrial e Comercio Ltda. Sao Paulo
Baker Perkins Engineers GmbH, Spain
Baker Perkins Far East AG Zug
Baker Perkins FES Inc, USA
Baker Perkins Food Machinery Inc, USA
Baker Perkins Food Machinery Srl, Turin, Italy
Baker Perkins Foundry Machinery Corporation, Elmhurst, IL, USA
Baker Perkins Granbull, Twyford
Baker Perkins Guittard, Chelles, Paris, France
Baker Perkins Holdings Ltd/ Baker Perkins plc
Baker Perkins Hong Kong Ltd
Baker Perkins Inc., Saginaw, Michigan, USA
Baker Perkins International Ltd, London
Baker Perkins Jaxons Ltd, Glasgow
Baker Perkins KK, Japan
Baker Perkins Laundraland (Pty) Ltd
Baker Perkins Ltd. Bedewell Works, Hebburn-On-Tyne 1946
Baker Perkins Ltd. Westwood Works, Peterborough. 1923
Baker Perkins North America Inc
Baker Perkins PMC GmbH
Baker Perkins Overseas Investments Ltd
Baker Perkins PMC Inc, USA
Baker Perkins PMC Inc. Canada
Baker Perkins PMC Ltd
Baker Perkins Pty Ltd, Australia
Baker Perkins S.A., Paris, France
Baker Perkins Servicos Tecnicos Industriais Ltda, Brazil
Baker Perkins South Africa Pty Ltd
Baker Perkins Manufacturing CO. Inc., Saginaw, Michigan
British Arkady
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Canadian Baker Perkins
Century Machine Company, Cincinatti, USA
Confectionery Developments Ltd, Hemel Hempstead
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David Thomson Ltd of Edinburgh
Douglas Rownson, Basingstoke
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Easibake - Sharston, Manchester
European Limited Partnership - Werner & Pfleiderer GmbH
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Forgrove GmbH, Cologne, Germany
Forgrove Machinery Company Limited, Leeds
Formmaster Ltd, London
Franco Berto Srl, Italy
Fringand S.A., France
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Gibson Engineering Proprietary Ltd, Redfern, Sydney, Australia
Gordon Brothers Pty Ltd, Australia
Graham Enoch Manufacturing Co Ltd, London
Granbull Tool Company Ltd, Kingston-Upon-Thames
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Industrial Heating, Auckland, NZ
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Jacob Perkins
James Halley & Sons, West Bromwich
Job Day & Sons Ltd., Leeds
Joseph Baker & Sons Ltd
Joseph Baker Sons & Perkins Ltd
Joseph Baker’s Ltd., Brantford, Ontario, Canada
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Lanham Machinery Co. Inc., Atlanta, Georgia
Lewis & Pointons Panification Ltd, Wellington, Shropshire
Luke Equipment, Australia
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Malaxeurs Guittard, Chelles, Paris
Marco Company Inc, USA
Moffat Appliances, New Zealand
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National Bread Wrapping Co
National Folding Box Co, Gainsborough
Norbake (Pty) Ltd, South Africa
Northern Manufacturing CO. Ltd., Gainsborough
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Package Machinery Co. USA
Packman Machinery Ltd, Twyford
Pavailler Algerie SARL
Pavailler Belgium SA
Pavailler Canada Inc, Canada
Pavailler Caribes SARL, Guadeloupe
Pavailler Deutschland GmbH
Pavailler Equipement SA, Valance, France
Pavailler Fratelli Monziani Spa, Milan, Italy
Pavailler Machinery Sales Inc, USA
Peerless Electrical Manufacturing Co .Ltd.
Perkins & Fairman, London
Perkins Engineers Ltd, Westwood Works, Peterborough
Perkins, Bacon & Petch, London
Perkins, Fairman & Heath, London
Petersen Oven Company, USA
Podbielniak Division, Dresser Industries, USA
Poliva Sales (Pty) Ltd., South Africa
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Read Standard Corporation, USA
Robert Sendler, Recklinghausen, Germany
Rose Bearings, Saxilby
Rose Brothers (Gainsborough) Ltd, Gainsborough, Lincolnshire
Rose Forgrove GmbH
Rose Forgrove Inc. Elmhurst, Illinois, USA
Rose Forgrove International Ltd
Rose Forgrove Ltd., Leeds
Rownson (Conveyors) Ltd., King's Cross, London
Rownson Drew & Clydesdale Ltd
Rudolf Lensing K.G., Recklinghausen, Germany
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Savy Jeanjean et Cie, Paris, France
Societe Nouvelle FIMA SARL, France
Special Projects Division, Baker Perkins Ltd & APV Baker
Steele & Cowlishaw Ltd, Hanley, Stoke on Trent
Sterling Extruder Corporation. New Jersey, USA
Sterling Industries - Sydney, Australia
Stickelber & Son, Kansas City USA
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Telford Smith, Melbourne, Australia
Thermo Radiant Pty - Australia
Tweedy of Burnley
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United States Centrifuge Co, Houston, Texas
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Werner & Pfleiderer (London) Ltd
Werner & Pfleiderer GmbH, Germany
Werner Lehara Inc – Grand Rapids, Michigan
Werner Pfleiderer & Perkins Ltd
Westal Ltd, Redditch
Willetts Industries Pty Ltd, Brisbane, Australia
William Douglas & Sons, Putney
William Jack & Sons Ltd, Glasgow
Wood Newspaper Machinery Corporation, Plainfield, NJ, USA
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Yates Plant Ltd
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